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Bring your meals to life with our live, fermented, organic, condiments!

Live, fermented, organic condiments, tomato ketchup, brown Sauce, BBQ sauce, Piccalilli

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We make fine, live, fermented, organic, condiments, with no nasties whatsoever.

They enable you to swap-out those traditional, ultra-processed, sugary versions with our minimally-processed, live, gut-health-promoting, lip-smackingly good alternatives!

Studies show that regularly eating fermented foods is better for your gut health than popping probiotics pills, and brilliant for reducing inflammation, the source of so many chronic conditions!

It’s no surprise then that the two nations boasting the greatest longevity on the planet, Japan & South Korea, are famed for their consumption of fermented foods. 

Our ‘Classics’ launch range brings that elixir-of-youth potential to the nations favourites; Ketchup, Brown, BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Piccalilli, Ploughman’s Pickle, Mustard(s), Lime Pickle, with more to come.

Our mission is to provide you with a broad range of live ferments that can be paired with anything you fancy, so you can always be boosting your gut with live good bacteria whilst enjoying whatever you want to eat! 




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